The Garlic is in!

Yesterday we spent several hours planting the garlic. (by we I mean me, one of the kids and several chickens and ducks that just had to get their beaks & bills into everything I did!) Over 100 cloves were planted in the original garden plot. Both hardneck and softneck varieties. I ordered more then that though, so today I may just have to dig a new garden plot. This is where it gets a bit tricky. The full sun areas are also where the chickens like to hang out. While I don't believe they will destroy garlic like they do tomatoes *sigh* I'm worried about the amount of 'fresh fertilizer' they will leave in the area. In this case, to much of a good thing will definitely be bad! 

On the other hand, I have a partial shade plot that will be empty until summer. I would hate for all this garlic to go to waste, so I might end up putting it there. It's not an ideal environment, but we certainly can't eat all this garlic and I really hate to waste it! 


I promise pictures next time!

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