Introducing Zsa Zsa

Things don't always go exactly as planned in the poultry world. It seems like chickens always like to surprise me. Last week I had a few eggs in the hatcher and imagine my surprise when this little bugger popped out of an egg!

Surprise from a hatching egg

a showgirl chick that hatched in the incubator

At first I thought 'that is one ugly chick!' Our youngest child however, thought it was cute and promptly dubbed it 'cotton'. After it fluffed up and dried off and I took a better look at it I decided it was so was kinda cute. lol A few days later the little character has grown on us. It peeps a whole lot more then its hatch mates. It sleeps a lot but never wants to stop what its doing to lay down and it's often falling asleep on it feet!

showgirl chick hatched in incubator

Mr Roboto says it reminds him of Zsa Zsa Gabor, so we changed its name to Zsa Zsa. I think its getting's definitely growing on us! We're not real sure if we'll be keeping it past the brooder stage. We don't have other Showgirls in our flock and if it ends up being a cockerel it would have to be kept out of the breeding pens and since it will be bantam......I'm thinking too far ahead here! I still have to look into genetics and such. Time will tell and until it lays or crows it will be spoiled rotten!


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