Muck and yuck!'s that time of year again! That silly groundhog decided that we should just end winter and start spring. I agree ;-) However, the weather seems to have a hard time figuring itself out. It's still cold, and still snowing....but then it gets warmer. 

Not warm enough to make ALL the snow go away mind you, just enough to melt the top and get the underside nice and wet in time for the overnight freezes we're still getting. Of course that turns to ice, which then gets snowed on, then it starts to melt and.....*sigh* you get the picture. Speaking of pictures, I didn't take any! lol Do you really want to see mud bogs and rotted manure piles? Noooo, we'll skip that!

How about a pic from last summer instead?

quads in summer
On one good note, enough of the snow has melted off that I can drive my quad through the woods pretty well.We have twins, but only 1 has the hitch to tow my john deere tow cart. (the one on the left in the pic) The nice thing about this is that I can shovel all the dirty coop litter into it, then drive it to where I want it dumped.

This year I'm taking advantage of several clearings in the woods. They happen to be full sun and once tilled should make great mini gardens. Currently I'm dumping the dirty coop litter in my selected spots to prepare the ground for tilling and planting. Not quite sure what is going where yet, I have lots of planning to do!

Here's hoping warmer weather and sunny days will be here soon!


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