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I ordered more seeds yesterday! This time I ordered from Bakers Creek. This catalog is truly special! The pictures are beautiful, the descriptions are lovely and the selection is astounding! (here comes another disclaimer...the pictures aren't from there though, so you'll have to login and order a free catalog to see for yourself! lol

I only ordered 5 things. I'm trying to support local business and some things, I only need a few I'll buy started plants at the greenhouse up in Harrisville! From Bakers creek though, I got a few things I can't find just anywhere.

The first is Quinoa Kaslala....a grain or cereal plant. This one is going into the woods. There is a coating on the seeds that birds don't like. It needs removed before we eat it, but it's a simple process and since the birds are going to ignore it (we hope!) it can go out unprotected in the full-sun clearings.

Next is Hartman's Giant Amaranth, another seed. This one actually has edible leaves also. They can be steamed and eaten like spinach. Each plant can produce up to 1 pound of seeds! That's a lot of chicken feed! They get around 6-8 feet tall and are quite pretty.

We're also planting German Foxtail Millet...another seed crop. The guineas won't go hungry this winter! This is more of a field crop, so I'm labeling this an experiment. There's a good chance wild birds will pick it clean.I'm not sure how much protection it will need or if it will even be possible to deer-net the crop. (seems the only way to keep the birds out) So I'll be planting in several different areas. 

I also chose 2 ornamental plants for the front entrance. Chinese Lantern Gigantea is probably the coolest looking plant we're trying this season! These 2 foot tall plants have pretty little bright orange pods with edible seeds which can be cooked similar to a ground cherry. They are also quite beautiful dried in floral arrangements. 

Last we have the Flamingo Feather - Celosia a 3-4 foot high plant that produces pink and fuchsia flower spikes. These will look lovely paired with what I think is Ostrich ferns growing wild in the woods (if that's not what they are, they are a darn close duplicate....they are beautiful and abundant!) Or in a dried arrangement with the lanterns.

 Online picture of ostrich ferns......these look exactly like what is growing wild here!

So that's just a small bit of what's going on as the growing season starts here. We've also started many herbs and vegetables indoors already. Oh...and the garlic is coming up!You can read all about it on our other blog: Feathers in the woods

Happy Planting!

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