The garlic is coming up!

The garlic is popping up in nice little rows in Garden #1. I'm sorta surprised since we've had so many freezing cold nights and warm days. I thought for sure they would all freeze off!

gardening with guineas

They're not as straight as I would like, but not too bad I suppose. This is our first year with Garlic and we're very excited to try so many new things! We planted both hard neck and softneck varieties. Although, everything started to get kind of confusing after I opened the packages! lol They are all mixed together now. Hopefully that wont affect their growth....if so, then it'll be a lesson learned for next year!

We did put a short fence around the garlic. The chickens start to peck at the shoots as soon as they pop through the snow....which is funny because later in the season they couldn't care less about the garlic since it does have a slight taste. When it's the first green thing in site though, they will eat it down to the ground so some type of early season protection from the chickens is needed. 

Even though chickens and guineas wont often choose to eat garlic if given raw, they will accept it if mixed into their feed. It is said to have antibiotic properties and many people mix it into their flocks feed or water regularly to boost their immune system.


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