Last keets of the year!

Well, this is it! It's official....keet season is over for 2012. The last 3 have hatched in the Brinsea Octagon (A Marans hen hid three eggs in her nest! After we found them, we gave her some chicken eggs and put these in the bator) They are happy and healthy and ready to go under a Silkie momma for raising.

It's been a really great year. We've hatched between 40 and 100 keets a week. We've kept the last 16 keets to add to our flock for next year. Keets have been in great demand this year because of the tick problem. Guineas are well known to eat ticks and other bugs. (and weed seeds. They love weed seeds!) 

just hatched guinea fowl keets
So thanks to everyone who stopped out to purchase keets! We're starting up again in March. Hope to see you then!


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