July recap

This has been a great month full of summer sun,  predator trapping and chicks hatching. Early this month we had a power outage after a rainstorm. Even after the storm passed, the power was still out and the eggs in the incubator were starting to get cold. I put them all into a plastic bucket and sat outside with them in the sun until the power clicked back on. Luckily it was only another hour and the eggs all made it through the cold spell and hatched the next week. 

guinea hatching eggs

Snowflake went with us to the AWRCS races. He enjoyed meeting everyone and was even given a piece of watermelon to enjoy.  

pet rooster races

About an hour later he hopped on the quad and tried to go home on his own. It was a good thing he couldn't reach the pedals or he would have left!

rooster races quad

We had several big Guinea hatches this month (and several huge keet sales to go with them) Guinea eggs are hard like porcelain and they often crack into chunks when the keet starts zipping. This sometimes causes problem for the keet and this little guy seemed to only be able to get his leg out.  I really wish I would have thought to videotape it...it was hilarious the way he kept spinning in circles every time his foot would hit the floor! I popped him out of the egg and he's doing just fine now!

guinea keet hatching

We had some interesting chicks hatch in our Silkie coop. They look like Cirrus might be their mama....she's a light splash. This one was not quite the normal yellow of a white chick...but not the cloud color that Cirrus is either. It looks like it's coming in splash without the dark feathers. Can't wait see how it feathers out!

light blue silkie chick

We attended the Clarion chicken swap, which was a great success as usual! We caught 2 raccoon and got 'rid' of 2 of the problem foxes. The free range guineas are no longer afraid to come out of the coop in the morning!

predator safe trap

We found where the Guineas have been hiding their nests, removed a wasp nest from the coop, and figured out why the chickens are going through so much water lately.

chicken drinker dog

All in all it's been a busy but awesome month! What's been going on in your coop?


  1. Eggs, predators, new chicks - my experiences of the month have been similar to yours! I love the idea of doing a month sum-up. I need to try it! :)

    1. It was a fun post....I tried to stay away from the things I posted throughout the month...more like a 'behind the scenes' look instead of a 'what I already posted this month' thing.

      You should try it! I would love to read your monthly sum-up!


  2. Mine's more simple- clean, water, feed, let em free range, collect the eggs. I only have 3 hens and we're urban. I might enjoy chicks but I'm only in it for the eggs...

    1. Sounds like you had a good month! I'm in it for the eggs too..because I sell their children!(I need an evil laughing smiley face!) lol