August recap

August was an awesome farm month! We had lots of babies born and sold, went to the auction a few times and did yearly coop cleanings. Here are a few phone photos from the month:

This little guy hatched about mid month. Looks like a Slate pied guinea keet. We don't have Slate Guineas so it's super exciting to add this color to the flock. This was the second one, the first hatched about 2 months ago. I'll be looking up info on Slate genetics to see what our chances are of expanding on this color.

guinea keet colors

We found field mice in the riding mower. Thank heavens hubby cleans it out before he uses it! He heard squeaking and called me over to help him take it apart and get them out. Where there is livestock feed, there is mice *sigh* They are no longer here....that one wasn't actually my fault although admittedly we didn't want them here to begin with.

field mouse nest

We ended up at the auction twice this month. Why? ask. Because we did so darn well the first time, that's why! lol We had lots of pairs of birds starting to grow out, and of course everyone wants to buy hens only. This leaves me with extra boys. I try to sell them as pairs and trios, but they just weren't selling well this year so I decided to have a big pullet sale and take the boys to auction. I had a few too many adult male Guineas so I packed up 2 of those to go with us. 

I had heard that Guinea get a good price, so I packed up a few groups of 5 or 6 keets also. (I had also heard that small groups fetch more per bird then large groups) We didn't get much for the roosters, but we did real well on the Guineas. After getting this in the mail, we decided it was worth another drive out the next week. Yes, the fees were high....but it was still totally worth the drive. 

poultry auction payout

The silkies are still broody as all heck. Q-Tip lets her chicks nap on her back and it just looks like the most comfortable bed EVER!

mama hen and chick

I finally got the Love Lies Bleeding Amaranth to grow this year! I want to grow it for chicken feed...well, treats actually. I have some gardener friends that tell me how easy it is to grow and that it reseeds itself well. Supposedly one 7ft tall plant can produce almost a pound of seed! 

Unfortunately the local deer have been eating it before it gets established and I haven't been able to make this work for 2 years. This year I started it in pots and just kept repotting into larger pots. Finally I put them in the garden where they're protected by fence. They are growing, but not as well as they should. Next year I'll section off their own plot with fencing and hopefully they'll grow to their full height.

love lies bleeding amaranth

Lastly, we set eggs for the Mother Earth News fair. This years Fair in Seven Springs is September 20-22. Our chicks will be joining the folks from Brinsea again at their booth, hatching all weekend long! Hopefully we'll have warmer weather this year, but either way it will be tons of fun and informative to boot. Brinsea is having an incubation workshop and we will be providing hatching eggs in various stages to assist in demonstrating proper incubation techniques. Chicks will be hopping around in the brooders and hatching in the incubators all weekend long! If you're in the area you should make it a point to stop by and enjoy the fair, pet a chick and chat with us.

It's been an exciting month, but super hot and we're ready for fall to begin. How was your summer? 


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