Instagram photo's of the month. It's August!

July has com and gone and so much has gone on around here! Mostly though, there have been chicks, chicks and more chicks! Oh, and keets! It was no surprise at all that the most popular chicken pictures of July were all babies.....

#1) Olive egger chick. This little one was hatched with 4 others, but a Guinea grabbed it by the foot when mama wasn't looking. He was limping and crying so I brought him up to the house, but my phone rang before I could fix him up. I sat down on the step to talk and plopped him on my lap to keep pressure off his foot...and he fell asleep! lol He's all better now! 

Olive egger chick

#2) Serabelle and her babies. Every year Serabelle hatches a clutch of babies and this year was no different. She brought the babies up to the house for the first time when they were about a week old. I gave them some wheat bread as a first snack! So cute!

Blue marans hen and chicks

#3) Guinea keets. I snapped a quick picture during one of the many times this summer that I dropped keets off at the feed store.

Guinea keets

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Hope you've enjoyed our most popular Instagram pictures this month! See you on IG!


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