Sunday, September 7, 2014

How to clean your styrofoam incubator

Many of us have finished hatching chicks for the year. Now it's time to clean those incubators and get them put away till spring. Unless of course you're one of the year round hatchers. Even if you'll be using your incubator throughout the winter, it's still a good idea to give it a good cleaning from time to time. Ideally we should be cleaning our incubators between every hatch. How many of us actually do this? (hides under chair)  Ok, so the question is do you know to clean your incubator? There are many different types of incubators, Styrofoam, hard plastic and cabinet incubators are the most common. Today I want to talk about cleaning your Styrofoam incubator.....we'll get to the others in a future post. 

how to clean incubator

Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Funnies

The holiday weekend is here! It's about time...right? Lets start this party off right with some great laughs and good times!

chicken jokes

What do you call a crate full of ducks?
A box of quackers!

What do you get if you cross a nun with a chicken?
A pecking order!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Finding a Guinea nest with a thermal camera

Ever since I got my first 3 Guineas I've hated looking for their nests! Very few guineas lay their eggs in nest boxes. Some guineas can be coaxed to lay in the coop through the use of partitions or barriers so they feel like they're hiding. Most guineas like to make their nests in the woods among high weeds, bushes or fallen branches. This isn't really a problem until they decide to set on those eggs to hatch them. A guinea just sitting in the woods day and night for 28 days is like a written invitation to predators. Of course when they decide to set, it's time to grab the guinea and collect the eggs so she doesn't go back. Which is easy if you know where the nest is. How do you find the hidden guinea nest?

I go in detail about finding Guinea nest here: 12 Tips for finding guinea nests. Sometimes though, despite my best efforts I just can't find the nest! This was pretty frustrating for awhile then hubby came up with the idea to get a thermal camera. Since the heat imprint of the guinea would show on the screen, I could easily locate her on the nest! Check it out. 

how to find guinea nests

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Green Thumb Thursday

Welcome to the Green Thumb Thursday blog hop! I am so very honored to be a supporter of this hop! I would love if you'd visit the host's, so just click on the links to check them out. There is an amazing amount of homesteading and gardening information that these hosts share regularly! I know many of my chicken peeps garden and this hop is just the place to share your latest 'green thumb' posts! Share anything and everything gardening related....planting, harvesting, seeds, plant varieties, tools, techniques, cooking with the harvest....etc etc. I can't wait to see what everyone shares!
Your hosts are......
 Now on to the hop......


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Free Chicken care ebooks for kindle

I'm back with more free books. I'm always surprised how many books have been written about caring for chickens and even more surprised to find them free! I'm featuring several kindle eBooks that are currently FREE. However these are usually only free for a short time, so grab them now while they are available!

free kindle books about chickens

Monday, August 11, 2014

How often should you collect eggs?

How often do you collect your farm fresh eggs? In an ideal world we would all skip out happily and gather eggs into our aprons several times a day to use in our fresh baked breads and desserts. However, we all know that's not the real world. We can hope all the chickens are done laying by the time we feed them breakfast and a once a day collecting will suffice. Then suddenly you hear the egg song at 2pm and that idea goes down the drain. *sigh* So, how often should you collect eggs? How often is enough? How often is too much and just a waste of time? Why? Well, it's been bugging me lately. I like to grab eggs in the morning and again at night and now I'm wondering if that's right or wrong. So I once again started researching and it turns out I am right! Well.....almost! 

how often should you collect eggs?

Eggs need to be collected every day. They should not be allowed to sit in the nest boxes for several days. Twice a day seems to be the a good number of collection times to shoot for. In average weather conditions that should suffice. However in the heat of summer or the very coldest of winter, egg's that are left all day could become unsafe to eat.

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