Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Funnies #12

The weekend is finally here! WooHoo! It's about time...right? Lets start this Friday off right with some great laughs and good times!

chicken jokes

What do chickens serve at birthday parties?

What happens if you drop a hand gran-egg?
It egg-splodes!

Is chicken soup good for your health?
Not if you're the chicken!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Getting your backyard chickens ready for winter

I really hope this isn't an issue for you! If it isn't....that means you live somewhere warm. That sounds so nice. I live in the snow and cold. Here in western Pennsylvania it snows a good deal. I get what they call "lake effect snow" because of the moisture in the air over lake Erie. Even my friends down in Pittsburgh have it easier then I do! Today we have about 2" of frozen snow (when it rains on top of snow, then freezes and snows again. Yeah, that mess!) and it's only 11 degrees this morning! Yuck! It sort of snuck up on us too. Normally we get some flurries here and there, but it doesn't usually full on snow till December. The temps don't usually hit that low till January! Our weather is way screwed up this year so now I'm playing catch-up and getting the coops winterized and the chickens ready for the cold. So come along and join us while we chip ice, insulate, re-group and get ready for winter!

preparing your chicken coop for winter

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Do your pets get along with your chickens?

Question of the week: Do your pets get along with your chickens?

We've had 6 different pets since we got our first chickens. 3 dogs and 3 cats. Each animal has a different personality and therefore a different way of reacting to chicks or chickens. Take Anastasia Bug for example. (she's the calico in the picture) Bug will sniff a chick if it's near her, but mostly she just ignores it. I have numerous pictures of her with chicks and ducklings. Sometimes they even snuggle up to her for a nap. She couldn't care less! We had a Siamese mix named Maggie that was curious about the chicks, but would never do more then pat them a little with a soft paw. Then there's the cat we got after Maggie died. Trixie. She's a Bengal. High prey drive. We have to keep her completely away from the chicks or they would be no more! She has even figured out how to open the sliding glass door to get outside and chase full grown guineas! Bad Trixie!

So as you can see, each animal has a different reaction to the chicks/chickens. Cat's however, aren't as easily trained as dogs.
Do your pets and chickens get along?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bugs in the chicken feed

Today we need to talk about chickens and bugs....and me being an idiot. lol Once again I let bugs crawl on me just to get you a picture. Yuck! First it was mites in the coop bedding, then an Instagram tick video.....this time it was weevils. Ewwww! Let me start at the beginning....

Every morning I throw a treat to the chickens of each coop as I let  them out for the day. It was getting cold so I grabbed a handful of scratch before going outside to let the Millies out. Normally I head straight to the coop to open the door, but this morning I stopped to fill a water bucket. As I'm kneeling there with the hose in one hand and scratch in the other I start to feel something tickling my fingers. A crawling feeling. I look down and ewwww bugs! Of course I threw the scratch immediately. Then I decided I needed a picture, so I grabbed the phone and more scratch and waited for it to start crawling again. Yuck! Now the weird parts: nothing appeared to be crawling when I looked into the container of scratch and it was a closed watertight plastic jar. So how did the bugs get in there, and why did I not notice them before? (I filled this container back in winter) Read on for answers...

What to do about bugs in the chicken feed

Monday, November 3, 2014

Do your chickens do any tricks?

Question of the week.....Do your chickens do any tricks? 

I've seen all types of different things people teach their chickens to do. Some are really clever, others are downright silly. I have one hen that jumps straight up into the air to grab a piece of bread from our hands. I also have a little roo that comes running whenever I yell the word "cookie" then snatches the cookie from my hand and runs away to eat it! (He only likes chocolate chip. No Oreos!)

I've seen lots of videos of funny chicken tricks so my question this week your chickens do any tricks?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A warning about using zip ties to identify chicks. GRAPHIC PHOTOS!

WARNING: There are graphic photos of an injured chicken in this post. If blood or open wounds bother you, please do not continue reading this post. Skip to this post or this post instead....they're funny not gory! 

Many chicken keepers use zip ties to tell chicks apart. Especially if they have different breeds of the same age with similar coloring. It makes sense. The problem is when the zip ties are not removed as the chick grows it can cause serious injury. Such was the case with Peggy (yes, son named her...injured leg, Peg leg...get it? *sigh* anyway...) Peggy was brought to me with a severe limp. There was no known injury or attack, she just started limping one day so she was brought here to see if I could figure out the problem. Thankfully it was easy to diagnose and treat and 1 month later Peggy is just fine now! Read on to see exactly what happened...
(remember: those graphic pictures are coming up!)

A warning about using zip ties on chicks leg

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