Train guinea fowl to be friendly

Guinea fowl are not well known for being friendly. I can't even count the number of people who have told me that they can't get anywhere near their guineas. This is the complete opposite as to how my guineas act! Now granted, guinea fowl will never be super duper lovey birds, but they can be trained to be friendly with you.

Trained guinea fowl

Guinea fowl are just naturally more high strung than chickens. Everyone says that they are not terribly intelligent (true) but they can easily be trained or uh, bribed...with treats like BOSS, scratch or millet. Just like chickens, they will quickly learn to come running when you have their favorite treat!

One of the key points to training guinea fowl to not be afraid of you is to never give them a reason to fear you and in fact, become their favorite person. Don't worry, it's super easy!

15+ Signs of chicken illness

People that raise chickens tend to spend a lot of time watching them. They're pretty entertaining after all! We even have a name for our chicken watching, we call it "Chicken TV". The great thing about chicken watching is that by observing your flock when they are healthy, you can quickly identify a problem when your chickens are showing symptoms of illness.

Determining illness in chickens

There are lots of signs that will indicate that your chicken is sick. Sometimes it's the chicken themselves, like their stance or behavior. Other times you need to check their droppings or watch their eating habits to determine illness in your flock. It can be tricky to know when a chicken first gets sick as they often hide it very well.

The 9 worst mistakes a chicken keeper can make

We all make mistakes in life, and usually you just learn from it and move on. When it comes to chicken keeping mistakes though, some of them can be deadly. There are a lot of small chicken keeping mistakes like running out of feed and having to cook them something, or buying a waterer that's too small and having to fill it constantly. I'm talking about the big mistakes though...the ones chickens don't live through.

Deadly chicken mistakes

I've made several of these mistakes over the many years that I've owned chickens. I've had predators I underestimated, health problems I missed, a coop that wasn't as secure as I thought and a kid that thought making sure all the chickens were in the coop at night was optional. *sigh* There is definitely a learning curve to keeping chickens!

A lot of these chicken keeping mistakes are simple to prevent so hopefully exposing my mistakes will prevent your flock from having the same issues!

Do TV egg products work for farm eggs?

I spent most of my day yesterday trying out "As seen on TV" egg gadgets. I steamed eggs, boiled eggs, shook eggs and shoved them through weird plastic contraptions. It was enlightening. We've all seen these ads with kitchen products that cook or peel your eggs easily right? They make egg preparation look easy and effortless, but I wanted to know if they actually worked. 

Reviews of 4 popular TV egg prep tools

More these kitchen gadgets work on farm fresh eggs? Being that fresh eggs are notoriously harder to peel than store bought eggs, I wasn't sure that these egg gadgets would be up for the challenge. To conduct this experiment I bought the Eggstractor, Egglettes, Perfect Egg Maker and the Negg and I'm giving a full review on each egg preparation product. 

As seen on TV, Egg product reviews

I was pleasantly surprised at how many of these products worked for farm fresh eggs! I had assumed that all the egg peeling tools would not work at all and was really glad to be wrong...mostly. 

How to protect your chickens from raccoons

Raccoons are a problem for almost all chicken keepers. While only those of us in rural settings have to deal with things like bears or bobcats trying to eat our chickens, raccoons are literally everywhere. Also, they are quite smart. Raccoons can remember the solution to a problem for at least 3 years. That means that if a raccoon figures out how to open your chicken coop, he's not going to forget any time soon!

Protect chickens from raccons with these easy steps

While predator proofing your coop and run is always important, predator proofing for raccoons is a little more difficult. They're smart, can dig well, can climb almost anything and are very skilled with their front paws. Plus raccoons in high density areas tend to socialize in groups, often meeting at feeding grounds. So if one raccoon finds your chickens, more are often close behind. 

The best course of action is to avoid attracting raccoons to your chicken coop to begin with. A predator proof coop and chickens that are securely closed in at night when raccoons are most active are your best lines of defense against these midnight bandits.