How to clean up a rotten egg (after it exploded!)

If you've ever smelled the stench of a rotten egg you will never forget it, especially if it was partially incubated when it went bad. Not only are they the nastiest smelling things ever, but we call them stink bombs because they will literally explode with a bang! The smell is so strong it will make you gag and it feels like it's impossible to get it cleaned up.

Cleaning up a stink bomb egg

You can blame that horrible rotten egg smell on sulfur. Or more specifically, the proteins that make up the egg. From The Daily Meal: Eggs are very high in two proteins, globulin and keratin. When globulin begins to decay, a toxic chemical is released that’s called hydrogen sulfide, which has that very potent sulfur smell. Keratin also has very high levels of an amino acid called cysteine, which is full of sulfur atoms. 

Add that to a partially formed chick decomposing inside the egg, and you're in for a world of stench!

Once the rotten egg goo escapes the egg it can be hard to clean up. Especially if it's on your skin, hair, clothes or incubator...not to mention all over your kitchen! Yuck! Unfortunately I've cleaned up a lot of eggs over the years and I've learned that it's not that difficult to clean up rotten egg. It just depends what the mess is on.

Don't worry...we'll get it cleaned up!

Call ducks, the mini duck you need in your life!

If you're thinking of adding ducks to your flock, then you should get the ducks that look too cute to be real. Call ducks! They are the bantys of the duck world. They basically look like real live toy ducks! For a little duck they are full of personality though and once you start raising call ducks, you'll just fall in love!

call ducks as pets

I raised call ducks for several years before I moved on to standard sized ducks. They are a wonderful duck for families to raise and my kids just loved having them. The ducks seemed to like them too! They were a lot more personable then the larger breeds we've raised and would follow us around the yard (in a single file line) when we let them out of their pen.

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11 things I didn't know about chickens

Before starting to raise chickens a lot of us were clueless, I know I certainly was! I had an idea of what raising chickens entailed from seeing them at my grandmas house, I just didn't know all the details of raising chickens. There were a lot of things I had to learn about chickens like breeds, personality, coops, health care and just how bad the poop issue can be!

What I learned from chickens

I spent a lot of time reading about chicken care when I started raising chickens, as I'm sure we all did! Coop building and proper feeding was high on my priority list along with the daily care of chickens. That was all to be expected though. This list is about the things I found out about chickens that were not expected.

DIY feather Christmas tree

Since it's so close to the holidays I decided to make some decorations with all these feathers I have laying around! I pick chicken feathers up off the ground all the time, especially during fall molt. Obviously Christmas trees are a popular decoration this time of year and what better way to bring  my love for chickens indoors than to make feather trees from chicken and guinea fowl feathers?

How to make a christmas tree from feathers.

These are super easy to make and they took about 20 minutes to make 2 of them. I bought the styrofoam cones at the dollar store so they only had one size, but the craft store had several different sizes available. They are slightly more expensive at craft stores but using dollar store items brought the total cost for this craft to $3 for 2 trees.