Making Money With Chickens

If you have a flock of chickens, you are well aware of how expensive they can be. Have you ever considered making them pay their own way? Many years back I decided I needed a "no freeloaders" policy and since then, not only have the chickens paid their way, they've paid quite a few other bills as well!

Make money from your chickens book.

In June of this year I wrote about making money selling chicks. My article: How I make $1,000 a month with just 15 chickens was a huge hit. That blog post had more views in the first weekend then my blog normally gets in a whole month! (make sure you read that post, it has tons of money making info!)

I received so many messages from people wanting more information, asking questions and wanting more details. I decided right then that I needed to write down everything I do to make money with chickens. 
I wrote the book Making Money With Chickens so I could give you every detail on hatching, every way I find customers, every way I make money. I wrote it all out and put it all in a book which is now available on Amazon

I make the most money from my chickens by selling chicks, so this book’s main focus is on the business of breeding chickens to sell their chicks. Absolutely anyone can learn to breed chickens and sell chicks...and you can use this information to breed ducks, geese, quail, guinea fowl or any other poultry!

From choosing your breeds, through incubation and on to marketing your new chick business, this book walks you through every single step of the way. From hatching chicks to selling feathers, I've covered every aspect of making money from every product your chickens can produce! 

Inside this book you'll find more than 20 chapters, including: 

· Choosing breeds 

· Collecting & handling hatching eggs

· Choosing your incubator

· How to incubate eggs

· Juggling hatching schedules

· Finding your buyers in person and online 

· Selling chicks, hatching eggs, eating eggs, feathers and manure

· Attending poultry auctions & chicken swaps 

· The NPIP program

· Record keeping

· Biosecurity

· Start up costs and taxes

· Growing your business

Make money with chickens

This book contains everything you need to know about starting and running a business selling chicks. In fact, with the information in this book you can probably start making money today! 

Whether you have a homestead or just a few backyard chickens, you can add to your family's income using the methods laid out in this book. Isn't it time you put those freeloading chickens to work?


Oh, this book is available in 2 formats. The ebook version is available for $7.99 and the paperback version is also available and it will be $11. 

Make money with chickens book

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  1. Can we get the book if we have Kindle unlimited

    1. Yes! The book is available on Kindle unlimited as well as in print. I hope you like it!