About Us

murano chickensMurano Chicken Farm blog is based on the experiences of me...Lisa Murano. I live on a chicken farm in the middle of nowhere. I have raised chickens since 2008. At any given time we have between 80 and 100 chickens, guineas and ducks. We raise them for eggs, which we then incubate and sell as chicks. 

Chicken farming has a unique set of challenges that we are always trying to find solutions for. From health care to cleaning, there are dozens of issues every day on a farm. This blog is dedicated to solutions to everyday problems, the spread of knowledge and the general joy of owning poultry! While I will occasionally post something about sales or commercial farming, mostly this is just about my spoiled rotten little babies! 

I sell chicks from February to October every year. I meet with customers personally and often answer questions for customers long after they have taken their babies home. When I notice a question popping up often, I write a post about it. I also tend to blog about the 'hot' topics that I notice on chicken forums. Oh how I love chicken forums! LOL

I became a licensed poultry technician in 2010. Our farm joined the NPIP in 2012. We've been in business since 2009. We got into chickens because we had ticks! We got some Guineas to help with the ticks...then got some chickens so the Guineas wouldn't fly away. Then chicken math kicked in and we got more coops...and the rest is history! 

I hope you like my blog, and if you have any questions you can post a comment here or email me directly at muranohatchery@gmail.com If you have a question on an older post, please email me to make sure I see it...only the last few posts are in front of me when I'm working and I'd hate to miss your question!

Thanks for Reading!


  1. I came over from BYC because I felt lonely in NW PA. I live in Slippery Rock and would love to join in with any activities or even if you just need a coffee break. :)

    1. Welcome to the area! We're not far away...just over the hill in Boyers! Email me, there are some groups on facebook and swaps locally. Would love to chat!


  2. where can I find the chicken saver saddles in the camo design/ camo colors? Amazon is sold out and doesn't know if they will ever be back in stock. I would love to have them on my 3 free range hens. I think this would help to protect them from hawk attacks as well as feather loss due to over breeding by Elvis my very handsome rooster.
    Please respond ASAP. Thanks. Linda Beyer

    1. Hi Linda! Have you tried Ebay? That is where I got my very first set of hen saddles. I have a pattern for chicken saddles that I can share if you sew? Let me know!