25 Ways to save money

Chickens can get quite expensive! I'm always looking for and trying out new ways to save money on feed, bedding, coops etc. Luckily a lot of my ideas have worked and I've amassed quite a few great ideas for saving money on chicken keeping!

Some of these ideas I've written about, but many more of them have not made it to the blog yet so I decided to make a master list of my best 25 Ways To Save Money Raising Chickens. I've also decided to make that list available to you for FREE! It's a convenient 3 page download...you can even print it out if you'd like. 

How To Save Money Raising Chickens.

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Enjoy the download! I hope it saves you money!

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  1. Thank you so much for this post. I am hopefully going to be starting up my chicken farm within a few weeks, however there are a few problems. Of course everybody knows that chicken wire can be pretty expensive and using the cheap stuff won't last you very long. Also the prize of a chicken coop that could fit 30 chickens would be very expensive. I came up with possibly making a coop out of a old freight trailer, but finding one for free would be difficult. I am writing to you in case you have anymore ideas on this subject. Thank you so much,