Friday, February 8, 2013

Winter nest box herbs

I'm a grower....and a bit of a foodie. Fresh ingredients are important to me and of course a huge garden is an important part of our summers around here. In the winter I bring some pots of herbs in so I can have my favorites all winter long. I always have basil, parsley and chives growing on the window sill. This year I added lemon balm. What I didn't realize about lemon balm is that I wasn't going to get enough from a small pot for teas, or really any other recipe. Since I wasn't using it I wasn't trimming it back. This caused the lemon balm to start dying off. That's when I remembered an article that came to my email last year from Grit Magazine. Nesting box herbs. You simply snip some pieces of whatever herb you want to use and toss them in the nesting box. 

nest box herbs

I had plenty of basil, parsley and of course the lemon balm so I gave it a try. The girls didn't seem to mind it, and the lemon balm is doing lots better now that it's had a trimming. I think some of the girls are eating the basil though, it's disappearing at an alarming rate! There is a great list of nontoxic herbs here in the original article: Grit Magazine, Nesting Box Herbs Make sure to check the list before adding just in case you're growing something the flock shouldn't have.
I hope your girls like it too!



  1. I love the idea of adding home grow herbs to nest boxes. I even think harvesting and drying extra in the summer just for that purpose would be a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Great idea! When I was trying to get my chickens to lay in their new nesting boxes, I put some deadheaded marigolds and other herbs in the boxes to entice them to get in and dig around a bit. They did scratch around in the boxes a bit, but took them a while to start laying in there. Old habits die hard for chickens haha.

    1. Good idea....I'll try the marigolds in summer!


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