Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Frozen chicken treat for a hot day

It's been hot here lately. The unreal kind of hot that makes you want to just lay in the air conditioning and not move. Unfortunately for the chickens, that's not an option. I decided to make them something I had seen on the BackYardChickens forum.  

Cool chicken treats for summer

I put pieces of shredded lettuce, fruit, some veggies, a few pieces of dog kibble and some scratch in a Tupperware container with some crushed ice (to separate it) I added cold water and froze it till it was solid. When I took it out to the chickens they started pecking it as soon as I set it down. lol I finally got it flipped over and out of the container.

chicken treats cold

They attacked it again, I barely got a picture! They loved it and finished it in a matter of minutes. It was great to give them a cold treat on a hot day. I'll be making this for them on all the hot days now! I should add that in my usual 'frugal style' (I like that, sounds better then cheap...right?) I use all fruit and veggies that were no longer fit for for human consumption. The outer leaves of a head of lettuce, a tomato that had gone soft, the last few bits of a bag salad, mushy blueberries, some grapes that started brushing on the stem ends...you get the idea. You could also use left over cooked veggies. That's a win-win situation, leftovers get used up and the chickens get a cold treat!


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