Thursday, July 31, 2014

Baby poultry names, from chick to squealer

I tend to talk about poultry and related birds a lot. I also talk to other breeders of the same birds and I used to have the tendency to call the babies all chicks. Except for geese and ducks, it just made sense to me. Then I started hearing terms like keet and poult. I decided real quick that I needed to research the baby names of all the different poultry. So I set off on a mission to find the correct names for all the domestic poultry babies. I found it interesting that both a turkey and a grouse can be called a poult.....they are so drastically different from each other. I had never heard of any baby bird being called a squeaker or a squealer and quite frankly, those made me giggle! I learned a whole lot more, and below is the list I compiled from my research.

Baby poultry namesr

Chicken: Chick
Chukar: Chick
Dove: Squab, Chick
Duck: Duckling
Emu: Chick, Hatchling
Goose: Gosling
Grouse: Cheeper, Poult, Chick, Squealer
Guinea: Keet 
Ostrich: Chick
Partridge: Cheeper
Peafowl: Peachick
Pigeon: Squab, Squeaker
Pheasant: Chick
Quail: Chick
Swan: Cygnet, Flapper
Turkey: Poult

While many of them are indeed called chicks, so many are not. I found it interesting that some had several different names they were called by. This list seems complete to me, but if I'm missing something please leave me a comment and I'll add it to the list!


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