Incubation, hatching and chicks

All of my posts on hatching eggs and raising chicks.


  1. What incubator do you recommend if person doesn't have $700-1000?

    1. I recommend the Hovabator 1602N, with fan kit. If you are handy, you can simply build your own incubator out of a non-working refrigerator, freezer, or wine cooler. Youtube is your friend.

    2. The ones from Brinsea. They are cheap and have great reviews.

    3. I love my Brinsea incubators! It really depends what size you're looking for and how often you'll use it. I built my first incubator from a cooler and a light set, even putting a 'window' in the top and it probably cost me $15. It worked pretty well, but for reliability and frequent use I go with Brinsea. (I actually have 4)



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