Welcome to the farm!

Welcome to Murano Chicken Farm! 

About Our Farm:

We are located on 25 acres in Western Pennsylvania. We got into chicken farming because of the local pest problem. The ticks were insane! You couldn't walk through the woods without having to pick the ticks off after. It was bad. Enter the Guineas. 

I acquired 3 full grown Pearl Guinea fowl to battle the tick problem. In learning more about being a good Guinea owner I learned that if they make friends with some chickens, the Guineas are less likely to fly off. I started with 1 incubator and about a dozen Silkie hatching eggs. While waiting on hatch time we also decided to add some French Black Copper Marans. 

Well things don't always go as planned and some nice sellers shipped me extra eggs so of course I had to hatch them! That's how we ended up with 1 spoiled rotten Pekin Duck and a bunch of other assorted poultry....and more than 1 incubator!  

Currently we keep several ducks and 4 poultry flocks: Guineas, Silkies, D'Uccles and Marans. We have French Black Copper, Blue and Splash Marans. Our D'Uccles are Mille Fluer. Silkies are assorted colors and we also have 1 adorable white sizzle who just started laying! 

I only like to hatch with a full incubator so I often hatch out extras. Of course extras are for sale, or trade. Please check often, I will add pics as availability changes.

In season we have Pearl Guinea eggs available for shipping. I will hatch keets, ducks or chicks on request for pickup. Silkie, EE and Marans hatching eggs available also.

Enough about the fowl....lets get on to the gardens!
Typical backyard produce usually fills our gardens. 2 types of tomatoes, beans, peas, cucumbers, onions, shallots, banana peppers, green & red peppers, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower.....we've even attempted corn. We also have tons of wild raspberries....if you feel like hiking through the woods for them! The gardens are being expanded to allow us to participate in farmers markets for the 2011 season.

We are currently starting a fall planting season. 4 varieties of garlic have been chosen and the first crop of Ginseng will be planted next week. Basil and chives are being grown indoors and a greenhouse is being planned as I type.

WOW It's busy here!
So glad you decided to join us on our farming escapades.

Much love,
L Murano

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