Uniontown Poultry swap

Tomorrow is the Uniontown poultry swap at the Fayette county fairgrounds. Since I live up at the top of Butler county, that makes it about 2 hours away. This is a very busy swap though so its often worth the drive. Thankfully I do have closer options up here like the Butler poultry swap at TSC and the poultry swap at the Clarion TSC. It's always nice to go somewhere different though so once in awhile I make the trek down to the Uniontown Poultry swap.

The Uniontown Poultry Swap

This time I have several chickens I'll be taking with me......without too much detail, I'll just list names and pictures. First is BB (for Bumbles buddy) a cuckoo silkie. I just have way too many of these cuckoo colored silkies hatching and since I only have the 1 cuckoo hen, all of her cuckoo colored offspring are males. 

cuckoo silkie rooster

Next is Bumble (the snowman from the Rudolf movie) a light skinned white silkie. I am not sure what is going on with his coloration but I hatched this guy from egg I ordered from Ebay and I definitely don't want this light skin or pink comb/wattles added to my breeding pens!

white silkie rooster

I'm also taking a regular white silkie (just the white one in the picture) she's very typey and a real sweetheart I just have too many.

silkie chickens in several colors

I have 2, 2 month old silkie/arcauna cross chicks. I caught my silkie rooster getting a bit too friendly with the arcauna hens! lol

cute silkie chicks

I also have a bunch of eggs in the 'bator, so anything that hatches will go also!

Just like any other swap you never know who is going to be there, what they'll be selling and if anyone will be buying. If you've never been to a poultry swap before check out this post: What to Expect at a Poultry Swap.

Well, I'm outta here! ......wish me luck!


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