Award winning chicken photos

I never thought when I started taking photos of the things I see around me that anything would come of it. I see so many pretty, cute, or funny things everyday. It's just natural to want to capture that. To keep it. To share it. Well, that's how it started! Funny how things in life have a way of taking off when you least expect it...isn't it?

Update 2020: I took up photography seriously because of my success luck with my poultry pictures! That lasted about 7 years and now I'm back to focusing on just chickens. If you want to learn how to take great pictures of your chickens check out: How to take better pictures of your chickens for all my best tips and tricks!

Chicken pictures

Let's start with Mr Copper's crowing picture. I thought it was hilarious how every time he crows his eyes bugged out. Did you know, that a rooster cannot crow without extending his neck? It's true. It also makes for a pretty funny 'face' when they crow.

So I decided to try to catch a picture of it for my non-farm friends. I crawled through the grass for over an hour, following him around snapping every crow. This ended up being my favorite. It has won 1 contest, and placed into the finals in another.

beautiful rooster in full crow

Next my egg/candy photo.I have always had people asking me what color eggs my Marans lay. Quite frankly I've seen several color charts and none of them were exactly the same. So it got me thinking "what can I put in a picture with the eggs, that everybody knows the color of?" Hershey's chocolate of course.

Funny thing about this photo...I didn't even realize it had made it into the finals of a photo contest until Katie saw it and emailed me! Thanks Katie!

We won second place for this picture!
marans eggs and chocolate

Lastly came an email that still has me breaking out into a smile when I think about it. This photo was uploaded into an online gallery. Last week I got an email from Mother Earth news magazine asking me if they could print it in their magazine. Talk about being rendered speechless! It's a picture of our Araucana hen Muff Muff.
aracuana hen

I'm so excited to see my photo in print! I don't think I'll ever get past the thrill of seeing one of my photos posted/chosen somewhere. It's just so exciting! I'm just glad that people enjoy my photography.

It's one of those few things in life.....when I see something I really like, I want to keep it so I take a picture. Because I take the picture, now I can share it. There aren't many things you can keep and share at the same least that's my philosophy!


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  1. That is super neat! I love when someone's gifts or passions pay off on their own. Congrats!