Guineas eat stink bugs!

Stink bugs have been a big problem up here in Western Pennsylvania the last few years. Mostly in the city. Pittsburgh has had tons of them the last few years, but miles away here in the country we've seen very few. Oh we get our share of ticks, cicadas and other insects, but not too many stink bugs. Until today. 

Guineas eat bugs

Right now as I sit here at my desk I can see at least 40 of the creepy mutant shield looking things sticking to my back screen door and hanging on the porch ceiling. I'm sure if I look behind me, the front porch and door would be the same. EWWW! 

They are so freaky looking. I do have to admit that I've never noticed the smell, even though my husband swears they stink when you squash them. I get grossed out just by looking at them and honestly, isn't that enough??? Well,actually I smell fresh cilantro when stinkbugs are around, but that can't be what they're supposed to smell like!

Earlier today while a customer was here, there were several stink bugs above one of the open brooders and I flicked them in to the chicks and keets. They had a great time playing chase and finally eating the little mutant bugs. 

Yes, guineas eat stink bugs!

Which gave me an idea! After emptying the vacuum cleaner canister, I vacuumed a bunch of stink bugs up and dumped that canister in the guinea pen. They loved them! Now I know what the free ranging guineas have been chasing all day! I could see them out there in the yard chasing bugs, but didn't realize they were probably after stink bugs. 

I always knew that bug eating was one of the main Reasons To Raise Guineas, I just didn't truly appreciate it till the stink bugs came to town! I am so grateful for my army of  bug eating clowns right now! I'm off the vacuum up some more bugs for them!

Have a great day!

If you have any other questions about raising guinea fowl you might find the answers here: Guinea Fowl 101 or feel free to leave a question down below and I will answer it as best I can! 


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  1. Hi,
    My wife and I recently purchased a 35 acre homestead just outside of Cumberland, MD with a few existing structures including a small chicken coop attached to one of the sheds with an enclosed pen as well. We are interested in getting some chickens this spring. Aside from the guineas are there any particular breeds of chickens that prefer to eat stink bugs? Also, can you recommend any breeders in this area?



    1. Congrats on the new homestead! I don't personally know any breeders in your area, but the website for the Guinea Fowl International Association has a breeders list on it.

      My Marans love stink bugs, but I'm not sure if that's the breed or just my crazy chickens lol I have noticed that the bantams don't seem as interested in them as my standard size chickens.

      Good luck!


  2. so glad to hear guineas eat stink bugs too! I knew I wanted some of those birds!

  3. They do a pretty good job on the stink bugs! Thank heavens too! Nothing else seems to want them. lol