Pumpkins for free feed

Carving Pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns is the sure sign that Halloween is here! I had great fun carving a chicken into mine this year. We cleaned and roasted the seeds for snacking, but what to do with all that orange goo that's left over? Give it to the chickens of course! 

I had ordered a pumpkin carving kit last year  and it came with a shovel shaped scraper tool. This tool is awesome for scraping the inside clean. I take it 1 step further though and scrape inside the entire pumpkin until it's only about 1/4" thick. I pull out an entire bowl full of pumpkin goo from an average sized pumpkin. 

Why let it go to waste, right? I like the way this tool breaks it up into little shreds. It's one of the few treats that I will give to chicks. 

free chicken feed - leftover pumpkin

Feeding chickens Halloween pumpkins

Pumpkins that are left whole after the season can be chunked up and thrown to the chickens or frozen for winter use. I split them with a pickaxe or shovel.....be careful!!!!

To freeze whole pumpkins outside: get a free pallet from the feed store, hardware store....etc. Put pumpkins on pallet and cover with a tarp. They should freeze solid in winter. This works best in areas that get a nice freeze. Don't place in direct sun or they will start to warm up on sunny days and could go bad. 

When you're ready to feed one to the chickens, just bring it into the garage and let sit about a day. Split it open and serve! I try to cut it into fairly small pieces. When they have to reach into  the pumpkin to reach the 'meat' they tend to get pumpkin goo all over their face and make a mess!

Want to see how my chicken pumpkin turned out? Click here for that post! Happy pumpkin carving!


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