The ducks are laying!

Much to our surprise, we started finding eggs in the duck house this week! The girls are about 5 months old now, but I sorta expected them to hold off till spring like chickens sometimes do. It is November after all! They apparently had other plans, and started laying this week which brings me to the number one reason you should raise ducks: ducks lay eggs all winter long!

(sorry about the crappy pic, I really need to quit being lazy and use my 'real' camera! lol)

khaki campbell duck eggs

The question though is: How many are laying? We're finding an egg every day when we open the coop in the morning. That doesn't tell us which girl, or how many....are laying.

khaki campbell ducks

I should backtrack a minute here....our girls were all snatched by a fox last fall. One by one, Mr Fox picked them off until all that was left was Aflac, the drake. Since it was cold out, we didn't want to get him new girlfriends until spring. Somehow it got put off till summer, and the girls finally arrived in early July. 

He was so happy to see them! They grew up in a pen right outside his. When they were old enough, Daphne and Velma (Velma has the dorky little feather that stands up on the back of her head) moved in with Aflac. They have been getting along swimmingly ever since. Except now that Aflac is done with his molt, he coaxes them to fly out of their pen every day. Bad ducky!!!! 



  1. Awww, cute ducks! How exciting that they are laying already. But now the egg investigation begins to see who is behind the laying!

    1. I still can't figure it out...only 1 a morning. hmmmm...


  2. Such a beautiful picture of them in the snow :) And congrats on your early duck eggs!!