Warm winter day = play time!

Yesterday was a beautiful warm day and we had such a great time outside! I got both the Guinea coop and Marans coop cleaned out completely. The nest boxes got cleaned in the Silkie coop. I finally got a new tally on the Guineas. 51 That's a lot of noise makers! The birds got to come out and play for a little bit.

calico silkie chick

The Silkies had a great time in the garden and compost pile while the Guineas played chase in the zebra grass all day.

white guinea free ranging

I used to cut down the zebra grass every fall. Then I noticed how much fun they had playing in it on the few warm winter days we get. So now it stays until Spring starts to set it in. Then I cut it down close to the ground and it's usually a foot tall in about a month or so. It grows fast!

ducks and guinea fowl

The ducks flew out of their pen (bad duckys!) and got into every bucket and puddle they could find! It's time to net the top of their run. Since the girls found out they can fly, there is no keeping them in!

The D'uccles sat on a perch and watched as I cleaned their coop. Well, 2 of them did....the other 5 went out to play in the run.

d'uccle chickens

Last but not least, the Marans (which are hubby's favorite) got some special treats....but that's tomorrow's post!


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  1. And I thought we had a lot of guineas! We have 26 out free ranging and 12 still enclosed because they aren't very old yet. My husband thinks we have too many as is!