Marans chicks have hatched!

We've had Marans fever going here at the farm lately! I have had people calling for chicks like crazy. We're actually on our third round of hatches, but I keep forgetting to get pictures. *sigh* From what people tell me Marans aren't very easy to find around here....I seem to be the only breeder. I love our Marans, I think they are awesome birds and the chicks are utterly adorable!

black copper chicks

 We've been hatching batches of 30 every week. Our waiting list isn't terribly long right now (not near as long as the Guinea wait list!) We've been hatching some Blue Marans with the French Black Copper Marans. I'm not sure if I want to add more blues to our flock or not. The blacks are much more popular, but I really love the coloring of the blues....decisions decisions. What I'd really love to do is add more splash Marans to the flock. They are just so darn pretty!

Have a great Saturday!


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