Strange places chickens lay eggs

Pullets can be funny. Some catch on with laying eggs right away, others take a bit longer. Such is the case with my blue pullet this year. She just doesn't seem to get the whole 'eggs go in nest boxes' thing. At first she did actually.....then suddenly I started finding eggs on the ground. One by the guinea house. One in the driveway. One on the ground cover in the daisy planter.

egg on weed barrier

Where do chickens lay eggs?

Unfortunately I haven't caught her yet, so I can't try to catch her doing it and put her in the nest box....although she is a chicken so that might make it worse! This isn't like my other hens who just decided to start laying in other places. I posted about that HERE

I think this one just doesn't understand the 'I gotta lay an egg' feeling yet. Maybe she thinks she has to poop? Or maybe she's just too distracted by all the new bugs to chase around that she doesn't want to stop and go back to the coop? Teenagers...go figure! lol 

I made a video about the different places I've found my chickens laying eggs!

Hopefully she'll get it figured out soon, after all....laying eggs in the driveway isn't exactly a safe idea!


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