What temperature are your eggs stored at?

I keep my eggs in the laundry room. It's a cool but not-bright place. The only light comes from a glass block window so what light comes in is diffused. I like to keep the eggs on top of the dryer except when summer hits. 

When the Guineas start laying I have way too many eggs for one dryer top and they often get collected in the basket and set on the floor overnight. (not the best practice, but it's often just for a day till they can get sorted) Baskets are top heavy and always get left on the floor around here so they don't get knocked over as easily. 

ideal egg storage temperature

I never really gave much thought to temperature variances in the room...after all, it's not a very big room and it all feels the same to me. I got the idea to actually check the surface temperatures using Mr Roboto's handheld Fluke thermometer

First I glanced at the wall thermometer which read 68.2 degrees. Not ideal, but it's a not very warm summer so the back door is open so that's expected. First I checked the eggs on the dryer top. Next I checked the eggs in the basket...

4.5 degrees is not exactly a small difference! We discussed Handling Hatching Eggs in a previous post and if you recall they are to be kept at between 55-65 degrees. Granted in the winter my lightly-heated laundry room is cooler and slightly below the correct temperature. The point I want to make here though is that the dryer top is only 3 feet off the ground, and yet the temperature of the eggs is varied by 4.5 degrees. 

Now I don't expect anyone to run right out and buy a temperature gun or any of the other crazy tools Mr Roboto seems to love....I just wanted to point out the differences in storage temperature in one small room. 

You can most likely get the same readings by letting a digital thermometer rest in each area for several hours. This is an excellent idea if you have any doubts as to whether the storage temperature is correct or not. 

Which is exactly what I should have done....but then I wouldn't have gotten to play with this cool toy!


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