Chickens everywhere, the Roos

This week we're going to talk about large fake roosters. I have 2 main roo's in my house. One in the living room and 1 on the porch. First up is Rodney the rooster. I'm not sure what the heck Rodney is made of...tissue paper maybe? His tail and some of his wing feathers seem to be made of starched burlap. My mom bought him for me from the flea market. He stands about 2 feet tall and is pure awesomeness:

tissue paper rooster

She also is credited with getting me rooster number 2. He came from Cracker Barrel and was a Christmas gift a few years back. He is actually a watering can.

large rooster statue

Cute, isn't he? He sat outside the first winter and the snow caused his tail to rust a little, but he's still the coolest rooster on the porch! 


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