Mother Earth News Fair in Pennsylvania

I just wanted to give a quick reminder that the Mother Earth News Fair is coming to Seven Springs, Pennsylvania this weekend: September 20-22! I will have the honor of providing chicks and hatching eggs to the Brinsea booth to help showcase their products.


What better way to see how well something works then to see it in action, right? Chicks will be hopping around under the EcoGlow brooders and hatching in the incubators all weekend long!

Last years Mother Earth News event was awesome of course! There were just rows of booths set up outside, and in several ballrooms inside. Not to mention the presentations! I got to visit with several local and international vendors. Without too much are a few phone snapshots from last years event:

Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs

organic fair

Maple cotton candy. For realz! It was amazing!

mother earth news fair

I loved this greenhouse design. This might be the direction I head in when I get one next year.

idiehl green house premade

Alpacas! Is there a cuter face anywhere? This was even better because as I tried to snap the picture the critter gets up and walks over to smell my sons hair. He doesn't want to turn around till I'm done with the picture but he just knows something is going on behind him! I about died laughing

cute alpaca at fair

It's really an amazing event, and if you have any interest at all in organic practices, sustainable living, off grid living, farming, homesteading or even the more mainstream practices of gardening, natural healing and backyard chickens...this is the place to be this weekend! 

A quick word about Brinsea. I am not an affiliate. I don't get paid to tell you how awesome they are, in fact I already had bought 4 of their incubators when I met them before the fair last year. They are truly a great company both to buy from and work with! I cannot say enough good things about them and I think they will be your favorite incubator company also. 

I love the fact that I never have to fiddle with dials or switches on their incubators. The smaller ones (like the Octagon 20) are factory set, just plug them in and go! The cabinet bators (like the Ova Easy 100) are fully adjustable and run perfectly once adjusted. It is an absolute advantage to be able to rely on that! There is no 'it's a warm day today, turn the incubator down' or worse yet, humidity fluctuations! Never! I know you're gonna love them...and if you decide to give them a try you can enter the code word MURANO at checkout and get 10% off your order. Awesome, right?

Alright folks, I'm out of here....have a fabulous week, and I hope to see you at the fair!


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