Chop boiled eggs the easy way!

This week I decided to copy a post from my other blog. I know you all have tons of eggs and that means lots of different egg dishes. What is the absolute worst part about all those egg salads we like to make? Chopping eggs! So here we go courtesy of Feathers In The Woods....

Chopping hard boiled eggs the easy way!
If there's one thing I hate doing it's chopping eggs. They get all over my fingers if I cut them by hand, or they turn to mush in my chopper. Yuck! A few years back I came up with a much better solution and all I needed was a fork!

chop hard boiled eggs

All I do is smash them with a fork. How easy is that? Start out with hard boiled eggs, cut in half lengthwise. Simply press the tines of a fork through the egg one way, then go back and do it again the other way. 

how to chop eggs

This is great for when you need smaller pieces when you're making sandwich salads like tuna or chicken. You can use a serving fork if you want larger pieces, but I prefer a regular fork. Best of all, my hands stay clean! How awesome is that?

Have a great weekend!


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