Why did you start raising chickens?

My answer: To keep the Guineas around. At least that's how it started. We had a bad tick problem in our woods, so we got some Guineas to control the ticks. Everything I read at the time said that if you buy adult Guineas that they will fly off in search of their 'home'. Then I read something that said that if Guineas live with chickens they stick around since the chickens do. So we got chickens. 

We also kept the Guineas confined for 3 months to sort of reprogram them to where home was. Not sure which one worked, but we still have the original Guineas and chickens. Plus about 70 more *sigh*
raising chickens for eggs

So, that's how it started! I would love to know why you started with chickens....or even ducks (we were sent a hatching egg by accident) Geese (given to us as a thank you gift) Guineas (ticks!) quail (son wanted them) or any other fowl you may have.

So....leave a comment: Why did you start raising chickens?



  1. You've got quite the collection! We haven't yet ventured into chicken raising, but hope to soon. Thank you for sharing your outdoor post on this week's Maple Hill Hop!

  2. Same as @daisy g. I am also thinking about starting a firm where I will be raising chickens too. May be within 2 months because I am going to buy a new home after January. :)

  3. It started off as a self sustaining food supply that turned into my pets. We have had chickens for two years and we do not eat them, but we do enjoy the eggs! I have not eaten any chicken in those two years. My family says I am crazy.