15+ Awesome holiday gifts for the chicken lover!

This post has been updated for the 2020 holiday season!

It's cyber Monday so what does that mean? Time to do some serious Christmas shopping! While chicken gift items are much easier to find in stores recently (especially places like TSC!) I find most of the best gifts online. I've been saving ideas up just for this time of year and I think I've found some pretty good ones. 

We've all seen the henbags, the chicken care books and crazy chicken lady signs, so I tried to find different chicken lovers gift items for this list. So hopefully you can find something new.....let me know how I did!

Chicken lovers Gift Guide

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Christmas gifts for the backyard chicken keeper

Hopefully one of these cute chicken items will be perfect for your favorite chicken lover! (or you! 😉)

Wine glass charm set

This set of 6 wine glass hen charms each have different colored beads so you won't forget which drink is yours. Never lose your wine glass at a party again! 

Rooster purse clip or key chains:

This Rhinestone rooster key fob is sparkly and really pretty with rhinestones that catch every beam of light! It's pretty, but quiet unlike this set of 2 crowing, light up rooster keychains! Now that's funny!

Chicken printed clothing

Chicken leg socks! 

We've all seen the knee high chicken leg socks but have you seen the fleece chicken booties for kids? It's like a superhero chicken complete with cape, printed all over the socks! Or have you seen the Chicken & Waffles socks? I just love all the different designs available! I probably saw a dozen different types. So cute!  I am 2 dozen chickens past normal hoodie! Available in 8 different colors and adult sizes small to XXX-large. (also available in short sleeved T-shirt)

Chicken boots! 

These red chicken printed sloggers are my absolute favorite chicken boots! They also come in yellow and are available in women's US sizes 6-10. However if you don't need boots where you live, they do have a clog style slip on. Or just get both...you'll need them!

Chicken themed kitchen gadgets 

Egg Skelter

What better way to display and store your eggs then an egg skelter? Easy way to keep eggs in order of how you collected them. First in, first out! I like the black, but it's also available in red or cream. There's even a small egg version for banty eggs!

Egg shaped cooking gadgets:

Here's a funny story for ya....even before I lived out here on the farm and had chickens I had this adorable egg Slicer and all his friends! The egg timermini spatula, whisk, yolk separator and mini fry pan all have adorable egg shaped faces on them and sit on a shelf above my kitchen sink! We have the whole set. Is that weird?

Kitchen towel sets: 

Screen printed Rooster "Farmers Market" 3 piece set. with matching potholder. Two dish towels and a potholder in this classic printed set. While they are kinda pricey, this set of 7 rooster and hens embroidered towels are almost twice as expensive! There are several kitchen sets that are much cheaper though, like this 3 piece rooster set. Or just stop by Dollar Tree and see what they have...no reason to spend $50 on towels!

Chef's Rooster apron:

for the chicken owning chef! This apron is perfect with a giant rooster on the front and it's black so you don't see spills as easily! What else could a chicken owning chef need?

Hen, egg & Chick shaped measuring cups:

This set of 6 dry measuring cups nest inside each other. Mother hen opens to reveal an egg which also opens and has a chick inside. 

Need a gift for your chickens? Check out this list of gifts to make the whole flock happy!

If you're into the whole farm life homesteading thing I've also compiled a Homesteaders Holiday Gift Guide on my other blog so head over there and check it out. If you find something really cool that I've missed let me know in the comments below!

Happy shopping!


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  1. Great suggestions, thanks! I might use one of these ideas for my boss, who owns chickens and ducks. :-)

  2. I had no idea there were so many cute chicken things!

  3. What cute ideas! There are so many fun chicken items out there. Thanks for sharing on the Country Fair Blog Party this month!