Easy to make feather ornaments

As a chicken keeper I always have a whole box of feathers. I pick up the perfect or unique feathers when I see them lying around on the ground or in the coop. So there's always a huge supply of chicken feathers and I love to use them for crafts. What better way to bring my feathered friends indoors with me than to use their feathers in my home decor? 

Last year I saw a box of empty glass ornaments in the store and decided to make something with them. I had actually seen a Frozen themed ornament with blue glitter and white snowflakes inside on a craft blog, so that was the original idea. However when moving my craft supplies around to get to the glitter my eyes fell on the box of feathers and the plans changed.

Make guinea feather ornaments

Right then and there I decided that chicken and guinea fowl feather ornaments were much better than cartoon characters! Not only are they more 'me' but they have that homemade Christmas look that I love. They fit my homesteading style too!

Unfortunately even though I actually made these chicken feather ornaments for the first time in 2015, my lazy butt didn't get to writing about it till today. *sigh* Farming is hard in the winter...It really wipes you out! 

Before we get to these filled ball ornaments though, I also made these elegant hanging feather ornaments. You can find all the supplies in the same place, so I wanted to let you know before you head to the craft store!

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Back to the ornaments though. You'll only need a few things:
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DIY Chicken Feather Ornaments

  1. Empty glass ornaments They also sell plastic ones at the Dollar Tree if you want young kids to help. 2 for $1.
  2. Feathers, which you can find or buy.
  3. A pen or pencil to push the feathers in.
  4. A pair of scissors to trim the feathers if they're too long.
  5.  Craft scraps like ribbons or bells if you want to go the fancy route.
All you really have to do is pull the top off the ornament and stuff feathers in. Use the pencil to get them in and arrange each one. When you're happy with the way they look, snap the top back on and your done. You can stuff them full like I did, or add only a few feathers for a simpler look.

How to make feather Christmas Ornaments

I did mine in themes. I call the green one "the Grinch". 😄I put all Guinea feathers in one ornament, which I added twine and some silver bells to. I used all D'uccle feathers for another one. Those feathers are all orange, brown and black so I glued a piece of leopard print ribbon to the top. 

The third one is also Guinea feathers, but I had some that I had dyed purple (I'll show you how right here) so I added purple ribbon to the top. 

DIY glass feather ornaments

They still look great even if you don't add any notions to them! I just happened to have all my craft stuff out, so why not? You can add a ribbon to the top to hang then or just use regular ornament hangers like I did.

If you still have feathers left after making these ornaments, hop over and check out my tutorial for feather Christmas trees. So cute!

Happy crafting!


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DIY feather ornaments

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