Chickens have personalities!

I have learned so many things from having chickens. Some of them seem like 'duh...common sense' others are funny and some are just amazing facts. Oh, the things I didn't know! I learned that eggs aren't always egg shaped, a broody hen can poop a pile the same size as a dog does, and they eat just about anything with their favorite being Styrofoam. So weird. 

On of the things that really surprised me though, is that chickens have personalities. I really didn't expect this. I guess I thought they'd be boring. Cute, but just...boring. Boy was I wrong! Let me introduce you to a few of them:

chickens have personalities!

Sally...the puppy dog. Sally is always right at your feet. Pet me! Pick me up! Feed me! She comes when called and will 'talk' to you with her little muttering noise she makes. Yes, she expects you to have a conversation with her! She also follows daddy around all the time, just like the dogs.

chickens, funny, personality

Rusty...Mr Ornery. Cranky and a bit of a tiny little fluffy bully. He's also a butt biter. Do NOT bend down in front of his roost at night because your butt is right in front of him and he will bite it! (picture from when he was a scruffy little baby roo)

chickens have funny personalities. partridge silkie

Original...Miss Jealous. When feeding the chickens treats, Original will go behind me and pull on my pants leg like she's saying "where's mine?" So of course I have to give her a special pile of treats. It's so darn cute! Every time someone gets a treat she's right there pulling on me, telling me "I want what she has"   

chickens are funny. splash marans

Then there's this crazy little cookie thief! This tiny rooster is called Mini Moo, or MiMoo for short. He comes running when called, but only if you have a cookie. He then steals the cookie and runs away. It has to be a chocolate chip cookie...any other kind and he just looks at you like you're crazy!

Buddy...the morning biter. Buddy is a sweetheart of a rooster, but every morning when I open the Silkie house door he runs out and pecks every other chicken on the head. No idea why, but it only happens first thing in the morning. Other then morning he is a sweetheart and will come when called. 

Black silkie, chickens are funny

Q-Tip....the cuddle bug. Q'e (nickname...pronounced cue-eee) is the favorite of all the children that come to visit. She will sit on a lap and suck up the attention all day long. She never fusses unless she has babies, then she only wants to be held for a minute.

chickens are funny, white silkie

Big Boy & Pebbles...the love birds. These 2 were hatched in a group of 4. Of the 3 girls, Big Boy decided he liked Pebbles the most and they have been inseparable since. They free range with the rest of the crew but even after the rest wander away to search for bugs and such, these 2 are always side by side. You just don't see one without the other!

Mille Fleur d'Uccles. Chickens are funny

There are lots more, but this post will end up taking a hour to read! I guess I always thought of chickens as being kinda boring...until we got some. Now I know that they have very distinct personalities, habits and even different likes and dislikes. Who knew?


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  1. So fun! We try to keep our chickens as a flock and not individual chikens, but you can tell there are some that are more daring and brave and others that are more standoffish. Thanks for sharing on the Waste Less Wednesday Blog Hop!

  2. What a lovely post! I love learning about all the different personalities you have on your farm. I remember I had a mare a few years back that when you went out to her paddock to catch her, she would walk away from you, until you went and greeted each of her pasture mates. Once you said your howdy-do's to her friends she'd let you catch her. Thanks for stopping by the Homestead Blog Hop! Hope to see you and your feather-babies again next Wednesday!

    1. That is too funny! Farm animals have so much more personality then most people know!


  3. This is so true! Chickens are my favorite pets. When I first got chickens, I got salmon favorelles because they're dual purpose. Thinking we would eat them. Instead I fell in love and no longer eat chicken. I just found your blog and am really enjoying it. Thanks.