Most popular chicken blog posts (from the last 8 years)

I've been spending time going through the past 8 years of chicken blog posts. (that's over 200 if you were keeping track lol) I'm looking for trends in chicken keeping practices. It's interesting to me to see what chicken topics are popular now and through the years.

Posts about chicken coops are always a popular topic, and anything about chicken health also gets read a lot. I've also noticed that people love to read about saving money on chicken care and supplies. Then there's guinea hens, which people either love or hate! So many different awesome things to write about chickens and chicken care!

The most popular blog posts from 2010-18

Anyway, I figured out which posts have gotten the most views since the day I started blogging about chickens and made this list of my top 15 chicken posts of the last 8 years. So here they are in revers order.....

Most read chicken blogs posts

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15) How to remove rooster spurs (the easy way!)
I was surprised to learn how easy it was to remove rooster spurs and just had to share a tutorial with step by step pictures. 2017

14) Free chicken feed sources, the ultimate list!
For a round up of one of my favorite topics, I collected every post I could find on how to feed chickens for free (or really cheap) from some of the most amazing bloggers that I know and admire...of course I added the many free feed posts that I had written too! 2018

13) 14 reasons you should not raise Guinea fowl
Over the 10ish years that I've raised guineas I've realized that you either love them or hate them. So in the interest of full disclosure, here are the reasons why guinea hens just aren't for everybody! 2014

12) 11 Reasons why your hens aren't laying
Sometimes when your hens aren't laying there's an obvious reason. Other times it can be a mystery. Here are 11 common reasons why your hens aren't laying. 2017

11) How to get your hens to lay fresh eggs year round
The winter egg laying slowdown is a real frustration. Luckily, I've found a solution and it doesn't involve lighting the coop at night or cayenne pepper! 2014

10) Keep flies out of chicken coop
Flies are attracted by poop, and chickens poop a lot! I have a few tricks up my sleeve to keep the coop fly free, and you probably haven't heard of at least one of them. (check numbers 3 and 5!) 2018

9) How long do chickens live?
I actually get asked this a lot, and the answer might surprise you! My oldest chicken is almost 9 now, but is that common? 2017

8) Growing fodder for chicken feed (cheaply)
Growing fodder is a good way to supplement your chickens feed, especially in winter. I found the cheapest way to grow fodder and really cut my feed bill! 2013

7) 13 Reasons why you should raise Guineas
When I was discussing why not to raise guinea fowl I wanted to show both sides of the story and explain why I love them. I find it interesting that both posts are pretty popular, don't you? 2014

6) How I saved $450 on chicken feed last year (you can too!)
I tried to cut my feed bill in half by changing 4 things about how I feed my chickens. Sadly I failed and only saved $450 in a year, but these are easy to implement changes that can help anyone save money on chicken feed! 2017

5) 6 Ways to dispose of coop bedding
Chickens can produce a surprising amount of dirty coop bedding. Here are my 6 different methods to get rid of it. 2015

4) 4 coop additions I can't live without!
I have 5 chicken coops and after living with all different sizes, shapes and types of coops, these are the 4 things I now put into every single coop. 2017

3) How often should you collect eggs?
How often do you really need to collect eggs? Should that change according to weather, season, predators or even chicken health? Here's the scoop on how often you nee to collect eggs in any situation. 2014

2) How I make $1,000 a month from 15 chickens!
I breed chickens for profit, and I sell just about anything I can from them. From chicks and eggs to feathers and even poop, here's how I maximize my profit so I can pull in around $1,000 a month from just 15 chickens. 2017

and the most popular chicken post ever is:

1) 10 Chicken Supplies from the Dollar Store
I hate to waste money and many chicken keeping supplies can be bought at the dollar store. Here are the ones I buy most often. 2013

I added the year each post was written because I find it interesting that some newer ones have passed older ones in amount of people who have read them in a shorter time, while many older posts are still relevant and popular years later. 

I wrote a post earlier this year about going on vacation even if you have chickens. So, guess what I did this week? I'll be back next week with new posts from the farm. Hope ya'll are enjoying your summer too!


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