Do you raise chickens?

If you love learning about backyard chickens then you're definitely in the right place! However, if you're reading this post through a feed reader site, then I'm sad to say that this is the last post you will see. It's ok though, I'll show you how to receive my new posts about raising chickens and even throw in a few freebies!

You see, I wasn't exactly asked to participate in all these feed reader sites. A few yes, but I've been finding my blog posts on sites who  just added my blog without saying a word to me. Is that really fair?  I've come to the decision to turn off the feed they are using to stream my posts to their if you are reading my posts on a feed type site or app, this will be the last post you'll see there.

However, I do have a newsletter that gets sent out every Saturday. The newsletter has my newest post and a few older suggested posts based on the season. I also include any updates like when I decide to make a new chart that you can download, because well...sometimes I go back and add stuff to old articles. You don't get updates on feed reader sites, but you do from me! You can sign up for the newsletter by clicking this link.

Or just fill out this form:

If you'd rather come directly to the blog for my new posts, a new one goes up right here every Friday. You can also join me on Facebook if that's more your thing. I share posts I've written, funny chicken videos and posts from the best chicken bloggers on the internet! I'm also on Instagram and even Twitter and Pinterest and you are absolutely welcome to follow my accounts and stop by and say hi!

So, I hope you'll join the email crew! By signing up today you'll get access to all these downloads: 
25 Ways to save money on chickens
Chicken sitter instructions printable
Chicken emergency kit checklist

4 Seasonal chicken chore graphics 

I hope to see you soon!


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