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This blog covers a lot of chickens keeping topics! I like to try to cover all aspects of raising chickens from the difficult to the easy. So many things can happen when raising chickens from baby chicks to adults. There are coop issues, health problems, things to build and buy and chicken predators to deal with. I write about it ALL! Well, I write about everything that happens here on my chicken farm! I won't write about things I haven't experienced. Who would? 

Most popular chicken keeping topics

So every year this blog is basically an online diary of what's going on season by season. Every year certain posts stand out from the crowd. Sometimes they're new and sometimes they're older, so you may or may not have seen these before! All the posts on this list though were chosen because they got the most visitors reading them in 2019. 

Here is the top 10 most read posts about raising chickens from last year.

Raising chickens

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1) 9 Worst mistakes a chicken keeper can make
You don't want to make these deadly mistakes! Your flock depends on you knowing how to avoid them...

2) How I make $1,000 a month from 15 chickens!
The breeding plan that everyone is now following! Make your chickens earn their's easier than you think and you don't need a lot of chickens to get started!

3) 10 Chicken supplies from the dollar store
Don't pay feed store prices for these common chicken keeping supplies, shop the dollar store instead!

4) 4 Coop additions I can't live without
These 4 coop features will make your life much easier...I won't build another coop without them!

5) Gathering dirty eggs? Here's how I get clean eggs from the nest boxes
Simple tips and tricks to keep the nest boxes and the eggs clean. No more gathering poopy eggs for you!

6) 6 Ways to dispose of coop bedding
Chickens make a lot of dirty coop litter! Here are 6 different ways to get rid of it all.

7) Oven baked eggs (instead of pan frying!)
Making eggs for a crowd? Save yourself a lot of time and bake them in a muffin pan instead! Adjust bake time for runny to well done.

8) How I saved $450 on chicken feed last year (you can too!)
I made 4 minor changes and cut my feed bill in half. Try these, they work! Even if you don't cut your feed bill in half, you WILL save money!

9) How often should you collect eggs?
Should you collect eggs more often in summer? Less often in winter? Or the same year round? Here's why....

10) Can I catch Histoplasmosis from my chickens?
Learn all about the disease you really can catch from your chickens coop...and the one simple step you can take to prevent it!

Interesting list of topics, don't cha think?

Raising chickens, rooster picture

This year was even busier than last year on the blog! I wrote 40 new posts, took what felt like thousands of pictures, made a bunch of new videos and pulled in 1.4 million page views!

That's a lot of views!

Other interesting things happened this year. I had a rooster picture stolen and used in a meme, and a picture of my white frizzle hen stolen and used in a dress comparison. So if you saw those...that was not me. The internet sure can can be like the wild west sometimes! 

Here on the farm I slowed down on chick hatching since I was so busy writing. I also had a fox problem that took out a few chickens and ducks. I didn't bother to replace the chickens yet. He got my two oldest hens, Sally who was 10 years old and Serabelle who was about 8. That put a hold on free ranging for a few months! 

I made a lot more crafts with chicken feathers and eggs, but those didn't get viewed a lot so I'm thinking they're only interesting to me! lol 

Lastly, thousands and thousands of you have signed up for my email list and received your free downloads and the weekly newsletters. I have received and answered hundreds of direct emails also and I always love hearing what's going on with keep those coming. Just reply to any newsletter to get in touch with me!

I hope you have had an amazing year too and I look forward to this next year and more!


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