How to become a crazy chicken lady

Chicken keeping has exploded in popularity lately It seems like everybody knows somebody who's raising backyard chickens for eggs! Most people are content to just have a few chickens, enjoy their eggs and that's it. Of course there's those of us that take it to extreme. Enter the crazy chicken lady! 

Crazy chicken lady how to

You would think to become a crazy chicken lady all you would have to do is raise a few chickens...but there's so much more to it than that! Just being a chicken lady isn't enough, you have to make sure everyone else knows it too! 

Kind of like the crazy cat lady of the chicken world. We go above and beyond in our chicken keeping obsession, but you too can become a crazy chicken lady in just six easy steps!

How to become a crazy chicken lady

This is a tongue-in-cheek, poking fun at myself post. But while you laugh along with me, check off the steps and see how many you've done. You might find you're already a crazy chicken lady!

Step one: Start raising chickens! 

Get yourself a backyard flock of at least four chickens. Chickens are super easy to raise and you'll be thrilled to find out how much fun they can be too! Not to mention those amazing eggs they lay for you every single day. It's easy to raise chickens and if you haven't started, this article can teach you everything you need to know!

Step two: Take lots of pictures of your adorable chickens.

Make sure you show them to absolutely everyone! Who doesn't love a cute chicken picture? You could even start an Instagram account just to share chicken pictures!

Taking creative pictures of chickens

Bonus points if you dress your chickens up for the holidays! They look adorable in little seasonal hats, scarves or just plopped down into a cute little photoshoot set. Don't forget to share those pictures on social media! 

Maybe even make one of your photo creations into your Christmas card. Hey, my daughter does it with her cats, why not chickens? 

Step three: Take your chickens places with you.

Did you know that chickens are allowed in pet stores, feed stores and home improvement stores? It's true! I know because I've done it. lol It helps if you train your chicken to walk on a leash, but you could always carry her or just put her in the shopping cart. She might need a chicken diaper though.  

Also, Amazon sells pet strollers for as low as $35. I actually have one (go ahead you can laugh. I used to take my cat to costume contests. lol) and you'll want to line it with a puppy pee pad first, but it works great to take your chickens somewhere!

Step four: Start collecting chicken stuff inside your house. 

Chicken plaques on the wall, chicken towels in the kitchen, chicken trivets, chicken figurines, even chicken bumper stickers for your car! Oh, and don't forget the chicken clothing. You're going to need a t-shirt, maybe a pin or two, even a pair of cute dangly chicken earrings

I have a rooster on my keychain that crows every time my purse gets bumped. lol I also have this Crazy Chicken Lady journal to take notes diary style.

Funny chicken lady towels, kitchen

Step five: Talk about chickens constantly!

Start explaining things like chicken math, freezer camp and the differences between fresh eggs and store bought eggs to everyone you talk to. 

Step six: Buy your chickens gifts and make them special treats! 

Your flock would love some gifts, like a chicken swing for their coop or a treat ball for you to fill with their favorite treats. Check out this Christmas cake recipe that they will love! Don't forget to post all of this on social media and show people the pictures on your phone. 

They won't know your a chicken lady unless you show them, repeatedly and constantly! 😉

Bonus step: Talk to your chickens and reply to their mutterings as if they're having a conversation with you. Of course nobody will know about this one but you, but it will certainly make you feel like a crazy chicken lady!

Want to take it one step further? Check out all my favorite craft projects using chicken feathers and eggshells!


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