How to decorate rhinestone Easter Eggs!

This year I wanted to do another Easter egg decorating craft with brown eggs. The majority of egg laying hens in private homes throughout the country are brown egg layers. That coupled with the new popularity/availability of brown eggs and grocery stores means that a lot of us might be trying to decorate brown eggs for the first time this year.

Brown eggs decorated with rhinestone stickers

So real quick I'll recap some of the other things I've done to decorate brown eggs like when I decorated a blown egg. If you ever wanted to keep an eggshell indefinitely, you can remove the contents by poking a hole in each end and basically blowing the egg white and yolk out of the shell. That's why they're called blown eggs. They can then be dried and decorated anyway you want.

Another way I decorated brown eggs is with gold and silver spray food paint. I bought it at the party store. You can also buy it in many large grocery stores in the cake decorating section. Walmart has it etc. It comes in lots of colors but I chose the gold and silver which were slightly metallic.

This year I'm going to decorate brown eggs with rhinestones! I thought it would be cute to try to replicate this blingy egg design I saw (it wasn't a real egg though) but I'm going to recreate it with some stick on jewels from the dollar store.

Easter eggs decorated with rhinestones

Rhinestone Easter Eggs

So let's get started! This is all you'll need: Hard boiled brown or white eggs & assorted sheets of adhesive back jewels. These can be purchased at the craft store, fabric stores, paper crafting stores, dollar stores, Walmart and Amazon. 

I picked mine up at the Dollar tree because I try to be as frugal as possible. 

Easter eggs decorated with sparkles!

Applying rhinestones to Easter eggs

This doesn't even really need a tutorial! Lol You're pretty much just going to pull the sticker jewels, off the clear plastic backing. Each jewel will have a rubbery glue spot stuck to the back of it. 

Some of them are individual jewels, others are in a line or a pattern and others are in groups. Just peeled them off the backing and place them onto the egg in any configuration you like! 

I found it easier to work with the rhinestones that came in strips. Some of them were the same exact thing in a row, and others were various sizes and colors in a pattern. You can cut in between the rhinestones with a small pair of sharp scissors to cut the strip to the proper size.

If you decide to move them as you're rearranging them on the egg just get underneath the edge with your fingernail and peel up and you should be able to pull the jewel off and re-stick it in a different position.

eggs decorated with rhinestones of various colors

I know this is going to be the shortest tutorial I've ever written because really there's nothing to it. You're literally just putting stickers on eggs. But I did want to share it just because it's such a cute look. You can do this on the blown out eggs I'd mentioned earlier if you wanted to keep them longer, or use regular hard boiled eggs.

How to peel jeweled eggs

When it's time to peel the eggs, just peel them like normal. The jewels should mostly stick together in whatever configuration they were already in. I like using these better than the glitter some dye kits are  using, because even food safe glitter tends to be a little gritty and when you're peeling the eggs the glitter tends to come off the egg shell and get onto the egg. 

Nobody wants to eat glitter!

Bejeweled Easter eggs

Since there's no glue or anything messy the kids can definitely help! Obviously you don't want to give the small rhinestones to toddlers, but the older kids will love this craft! Since it was only $1.25 per sheet of rhinestones I bought a bunch, I'm sure I'll be able to use the leftover rhinestones for another craft in the future!

I also have another Easter egg decorating technique I'm working on using temporary tattoos, but I'm still working on that one! 

Sparkly Easter eggs with rhinestones

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