Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chicken saddles

Well it's finally happened! One of my hens has a bald spot on her back from Mr Roo. I feel so bad for the poor thing. Not only have her feathers been pulled out but now it's cold enough to snow and she must be freezing!!!! There seems to be only 1 solution to this problem.

Chicken Saddles 
No, not like for riding a horse! Although Mr Roo might not pull feathers if he had some stirrups to stick his claws through....but I digress. A chicken saddle is the same basic shape as a horse saddle, but it's made of fabric. Sort of like an apron for the chickens back. The feathers get a chance to grow in, and little miss hen stays just a tad warmer till they do. Here is Princess, a Mille Fluer D'Uccle wearing her saddle.
hen saddle

As you can see a chicken saddle covers almost the hens whole back. It keeps the rooster from pulling her feathers out during mating and allows the feathers underneath to start to grow back. It has helped a bit. I probably just need more girls so Mr Roo wont spend as much time with the same one. Ohhh wait......I need more chickens!

Yes folks.....I'm dressing up the chickens! Of course those of you that have met our resident princess 'kitten' Miss Maggie will tell you that I dress up all my pets. So why should chickens be any different?  I'll let you ask Maggie when she gets her Santa outfit on next month. Or the dogs when I make them dress up to play in the snow! I'm sure they'll be glad the focus is off them for once!

dogs winter coat

I ordered 4 saddles today. I have one bald backed hen and 2 more that are rapidly catching up. I'm sure they will look just dandy in their new I'm sure they've been feeling left out being the only ones without clothing and all. ;-) I'll post pictures as soon as I can!

Stay warm!

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