Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Frontline for chickens?

This came as a surprise for me, but earlier today I was on a chat page and read a post about using Frontline for dogs, on chickens. Now, I have never heard of this but lets face it....they don't have many chicken products out there. We use A LOT of livestock products that aren't made specifically for chickens. Some antibiotics are for goats, wormers for cattle etc. Usually the doses are miniscule compared to what the bottle says but they do the job! I myself use Ivomec pour on for cattle. It controls lice, mites and worms.
Treatments for lice and mites in chicken coops

Just a few drops on the back of the neck (between the shoulder blades like dog flea treatments) It's supposed to control external and internal parasites. Now, I should mention that I NEVER use this unless I see a problem....which luckily has only been twice in the last few years, and I know exactly where it came from (live and learn) Mostly I just use DE. Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, also known as fossil shell powder. Sometimes we use it as a dusting. It's always put in the bottom of nest boxes and mixed in with the sand in the dust baths. Usually it's sprinkled in the bottom of chick brooders when we're hatching a lot, not so much when there's just a few. It's also an important ingredient when using the deep litter method. It absorbs moisture readily so it helps keep busy cages dry. I'm not a fan of adding it to feed, but it can be used that way. I get it from the local feed mill in 50lb bags. My bag looks like this:

How to treat for mites and lice in chickens

Of course there is Wazine, which is mainly a chicken wormer. I only used that once. Thankfully, it works well and is now available in TSC so it's super easy to find.

How to treat for mites and lice in chickens
I prefer preventative measure like pumpkin seeds, red pepper, garlic, ACV etc. Of course, these milder methods don't always work very quickly in heavy infestations and I will pull out the big guns if absolutely necessary.

Ok, I didn't mean to get too technical here....mainly I would like some input. Have you ever used Frontline on your chickens and if so, what was your result? Please comment below.


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