Friday, October 12, 2012

Gardening with chickens...the clean up

It's that time of year again. Our first light frost just passed and with more to come, it's time to salvage what's left of the garden and get it ready for winter. 

The last set of broccoli is still doing well, so that will stay and get covered on frosty nights. The corn is done done DONE lol. We cut that down for decorations. Admittedly it's not as full as the stuff you can buy at the store. Ours is missing the corn. I've either cooked it, canned it or fed it to the chickens. 

gardening, chickens

They still look pretty darn good for free....with the addition of a spool of Dollar Tree fall ribbon, that is! Lets get back to the garden though. I've pulled down the fence and let the chickens and guineas in. 

They had a great time scratching up bugs and eating the tiny sprouts they found starting from fallen seeds. I cut the last of the lettuce, and pulled bunches of carrots. We left some of the smaller carrots in....hopefully they'll grow a bit more. If they don't though, I can pull them for chicken food.

Gardening with chickens

I stacked up the zucchini by the wood pile, under a tarp. It should keep for a few more weeks. These are some big zucchinis! I use a shovel to chunk them up and throw them into the runs for a treat on rainy days. They love them.
Letting the chickens into the garden helps in more then one way. Of course they get all those tasty bugs and sprouts added to their diet. Plus, it is great fun for them! They also turn over the dirt a bit and add a bit of their own 'fertilizer' as they go. 

Normally I wouldn't add fresh poo to the garden. It's too high in nitrogen and would burn the delicate root system of new plants. However, since new plants wont be going in for several months, there is more then enough time for it to age first. The guineas are especially fond of bugs and seeds.  

They are fun to watch. The like to grab the weeds and slide their beaks along the stems, gently stripping off the seeds. They are also quite good at snatching bugs right out of the air.

Gardening with Guineas

I have rerouted the fence to surround the broccoli and will probably add some fence around the peppers since they're doing so well right now. I'll leave the rest of the fence down until late winter. The chickens will have free access for a few months which I'm sure they will love!

That's about it for now. The front corner will only get a months rest before the garlic goes in. At that point I'll put a thick layer of mulch down so they won't try to scratch up the bulbs....hopefully!


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