Tiny egg inside an egg.

I found this bizarre egg in the nest box one day this summer. It was a banty egg....but slightly smaller then normal, with a coarse shell. Otherwise it seemed about normal. However when I broke it open a tiny egg fell out! Hard shelled and about the size of a dime, it even had a miniature yolk inside! This is the first time I found a whole egg inside another egg! Cool, right?

Tiny egg inside and egg

tiny egg larger egg

The odd thing was that there was no yolk inside the larger egg! Just the tiny egg. Weird. This has never happened before or since, so I'm just going to assume it was a glitch in the plumbing. I'm not even really sure who laid it (with a dozen Silkie hens in that coop, there's no telling who it belonged to!)

We've had huge eggs, wind eggs, 'non painted' eggs, odd shaped eggs and shell-less eggs over the last few years. Guess this is just one more for the 'weird' list!


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  1. Wow, very cool! Don't think I've had an egg within an egg, yet.

    1. I have to admit, it kinda freaked me out when I first opened it. Then, curiosity got the best of me and I had to dissect it! lol

  2. Wow - that is so cool - it would definitely freak me out, definitely one for the weird list.