Sunday, June 16, 2013

Chicken walks on a leash

Since it's a boring rainy Sunday here I thought that I would post something to make you smile and shake your head at how odd I really am! lol Snowflake is a 1 year old Silkie Rooster that has been training to walk on a leash. He's been working on it for several weeks now.

Phase 1 was simply to get him used to the harness. Then we added the leash. Now he's walking with it. We're working on getting him to follow a bit better, but I think he's making great progress! We'd love for him to attend swaps and shows with us....but for now he's still in training. A few more weeks and he'll be a pro. Way to go Snowflake!

chicken leash, harness

Update: After quite a bit of trail and error, we have figured out how to make the leash training much easier! Check it our new improved method here: How to train a chicken to walk on a leash

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