Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Don't touch the snow!!!!!

Today it was finally warm enough to let everyone out of the coop! I came back from making a rooster delivery to hear a loud ruckus from the trees. The Guineas were perching! Apparently they decided that while they loved being outside in the sun, they could NOT touch the snow. 

guinea camoflauge

Can you guess how many Guineas are in the tree? 8! I never realized how well they camouflage into the tree branches. (click the picture to make it larger) Guineas have very unique feather coloring. Each guinea feather has tiny white dots on a dark grey background. While these feathers are striking up close, from far away they make perfect camouflage.

This little girl decided to perch in a bush below.

and her Pied friend was in the next tree

10 out of 12 were in the trees. Lilac and 1 other were hanging out in the coop with the same "I am NOT standing in that white stuff!" look on their faces!

We're in for a surprise warm up this week, so hopefully they will enjoy their few days of sunshine and warmth before the cold sets in again!


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