Snow, Snow and more snow!

It's been snowing for days here! At least a week. At first it was just a dusting that would clear up when the afternoon sun warmed the ground. Now it barely gets a chance to settle before it starts again. At least the wind isn't blowing! 

Snowing on the farm

Every morning I shovel the fluffy stuff out from in front of the coop. Not much I can do about what's already packed down. If I can keep them from sinking into the snow though it might help a bit. At least their feet won't be quite as cold! So I shovel a small area for them to come out and stretch their legs. 
frozen chicken duck coop
They go over to the small pond and like to go under the brooder and pine trees. Normally there's at least a dozen of them out there, but not today! I think they've had enough of the snow and want to stay inside where it's warmer! The ducks didn't even want to come out! I finally convinced them it was ok to swim with a few buckets of warm water added to their mini pool. 
ice pond ducks

Xander is a water-hog and had to be first in! lol The others quickly followed, taking turns of course! 
winter duck care

It will be awhile till they can use their regular's frozen solid! Their summer duck house is covered with snow. They spend winters in the coop with the chickens for warmth.

blizzard chickens

So far so good.....I'll probably add a heat lamp soon. We're using the deep litter method again this year, and there's enough chickens, ducks and guineas to keep each other warm. I'm also thinking about wrapping the run in heavy plastic to give them a protected 'outdoor' area. Plus that would cut down on drafts through the edges of the pop door. Sounds like I have my weekend project all planned!


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