Merry Christmas from the farm!

Christmas pictures of Chickens!

It was a lovely Christmas this year! Q-Tip dressed up for Christmas pictures.
white silkie
 We got another few inches of snow. Oh...and Peppers babies hatched! She had decided this egg setting thing wasn't working for her in the cold so she left the nest about a week before they were due to hatch. I felt bad for the chilled little eggs and put them in the small Brinsea. 3 hatched! First out was a little polish/silkie cross. Then 2 pure silkies. 1 white, 1 black. (of course I forgot to get a picture of them all!) All 3 went to their new home today!
fluffy chick

Next due to hatch in the incubator is our winter surprise....GUINEAS! Guineas aren't supposed to be laying after the end of summer. About a month ago, I started to find what looked like Guinea eggs on the floor of the coop. My spring hatches had just gotten old enough to lay. They started and stopped all in the same week! 

I put all the eggs in the incubator with doubts that they were even fertile. 4 started to develop. 2 quit in the first week, but the remaining 2 are going strong and due to hatch on New Years day!

I also have a few more silkie eggs in the incubator, due to hatch with the Guineas. Hopefully they will all hatch and we'll have New Years babies! Finger crossed!


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