The Turkey Parade

The turkey parade

Every day (twice a day) we have a parade go through our woods.  The turkey parade. It varies from around a dozen to as many as 60. In the morning the march from their roosting spot in the orchard. In the evening, they march back.

wild turkeys, western Pennsylvania

The march can take up to an hour, depending how many there are and if they stop for something interesting. Sometimes they even cheat and sneak up to the yard to eat the scratch we throw out for the chickens.

wild turkeys eating birdseed

Every once in awhile Lulu will push the back door open and run out barking her head off, chasing them deep into the woods. I guess they don't realize the electric fence stops her right at the edge of the clearing! LOL

Wild Turkeys march through the woods

I am grateful the dog keeps them in the woods. I worry about them transmitting diseases and parasites, bringing things to our flock. I've started to feed them out in the woods, about 8 acres from the coops. Hopefully that will keep them away from where our birds play and forage. Otherwise, I might need to find some turkey repellent!


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