Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why my 10 year old should not be allowed to name the chickens.

There is no easy way to say this so I'll just spit it out. I should never, ever ever EVER let my 10 year old son name the chickens.
There. I said it. Instead of boring you with words, I'm just going to show you the pictures of these adorable birds...and their wacky names.

First we'll start with Skittles. He said she was 'a rainbow of colors' as a chick. Mostly shades of brown of course!backyard chickensThis is a blue silkie pullet named Skids. It made more sense when her sisters Mud Flap and Wheelie were here still (think Transformers movie) unfortunately they were sold so Skids is flying solo now.backyard chickensNext is Frankenstein. Named for her huge vaulted skull when she was hatched. Of course, we didn't know she was a she then and have been calling her Frank ever since.backyard chickensWhen this adorable all white Guinea keet was hatched her promptly dubbed her "the abominable snow keet" She's no longer this small, but she's still pure snowy white.backyard chickensLast but certainly not least, is Pooka the purple pancake. I have no words for that one......LOL
backyard chickensUnfortunately I don't have pictures of Fluffy Magee or The Imposter. As you can see, my son is king of the funny chicken names! lol

Have a beautiful day!


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  1. I like the names. He's very creative! Much better than "Blackie" or "Snowball". LOL

  2. lol....true. He's certainly not boring with the names!